Wuling Bingo EV

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wuling bingo ev what makes us so iconic

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wuling bingo ev

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WULING New Almaz

wuling new almaz top

wuling new almaz eksterior 1

wuling new almaz An Infinite Step Up In Performance

wuling new almaz performance

wuling new almaz Limitless Convenience in Every Way

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wuling new almaz Surrounded with Unlimited Technology

wuling new almaz Wuling Remote Control

wuling new almaz Wuling Indonesian Voice Command

wuling new almaz Complete Safety Protection

wuling new almaz Safety

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wuling alma rs warna


Wuling Air ev Lite top

Wuling Air ev Lite fitur

Wuling Air ev Lite spesifikasi

Wuling Air ev Lite beda 200km 300km

Wuling Air ev Lite warna


wuling alma rs top

wuling alma rs teknologi

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Wuling Alvez

wuling alvez top

wuling alvez teknologi

wuling alvez WIND

wuling alvez IOV

wuling alvez Sophisticated and Spacious Interior

wuling alvez Synthetic leather seat leather wrapped steering wheel

wuling alvez AC with PM2.5 air filter

wuling alvez 10.2522 Head Unit

wuling alvez Rear Parking Camera With Dynamic Trajectory

wuling alvez Auto Up Down With Anti Pinch on All Doors

wuling alvez Keyless Entry Engine Start Stop Button

wuling alvez Electric Parking Brake and Automatic Vehicle Holding

tipe wuling alvez

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Wuling Formo Max

wuling formo max top

wuling formo max ac

wuling formo max standard

wuling formo max cargo back

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Wuling Almaz Hybrid

wuling almaz hybrid top

wuling almaz hybrid technology

wuling almaz hybrid wind 1

wuling almaz hybrid wind

wuling almaz hybrid iov 1

wuling almaz hybrid iov

wuling almaz adas 1

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Adaptive Cruise Control

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Bend Cruise Assistance

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Intelligent Cruise Assistance

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Lane Departure Warning

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Lane Keeping Assistance

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Safe Distance Warning

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Automatic Emergency Braking

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Forward Collision Warning

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Collision Mitigation System

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Intelligent Head Beam Assistance

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Intelligent Hydraulic Braking Assistance

wuling almaz hybrid OTA 1

wuling almaz hybrid OTA

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Wuling EV

wuling EV top

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wuling new cortez top

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wuling new cortez smart interconnection

wuling new cortez multipurpose seat tray

wuling new cortez

wuling new cortez interior 2

wuling new cortez interior 1

wuling new cortez safety 1

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wuling new cortez performance


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interior formo s

safety and convenience formo s

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product highlight

eksterior 1 new confero

interior 1 new confero

Spacious 1 new confero


top almaz rs

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top new confero s

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top confero s

interior 1 8 seater 15lmt

interior 2 8 seater 15lmt

interior 3 8 seater 15lmt

eksterior 1 8 seater 15lmt

eksterior 2 8 seater 15lmt

eksterior 3 8 seater 15lmt

eksterior 4 8 seater 15lmt

eksterior 5 8 seater 15lmt


confero cvt top

eksterior 1 confero cvt

eksterior 2 confero cvt

interior 1 confero cvt

interior 2 confero cvt

convenience 1 confero cvt

convenience 2 confero cvt

safety confero cvt



cortez 1.5 top 1

eksterior cortez 1.5 1

eksterior cortez 1.5 2

eksterior cortez 1.5 3

eksterior cortez 1.5 4

eksterior cortez 1.5 5

eksterior cortez 1.5 6

interior cortez 1.5 1

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cortez 1.8 atas

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eksterior cortez 3

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interior cortez 3

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safety cortez 1

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cortez ct atas

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interior cortez ct 4

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engine cortez ct 1


wuling formo top

formo blind

formo minibus

fitur formo 1

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wuling almaz atas

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interior wuling almaz 1

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smart multimedia wuling almaz 1

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convenience wuling almaz 1

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